Reviewing the Features Released in May 2023

Reviewing the Features Released in May 2023

This month, we were thrilled to introduce two new features that should help streamline your work processes: Editing Data Types and Document Generation.

1. Editing Data Types

We understand the importance of flexibility and reliability when working with data. Hence, we introduced a new feature that allows you to edit variable data types safely and easily. This ensures that our system remains fully functional while providing you with an optimized user experience.

In cases where the updated variable cannot be formatted correctly, the value will be displayed as a string. You will be notified in "Edit" mode that the variable has an incompatible value. We recommend being careful when modifying the data type of variables that are currently in use in Production, and testing the changes in Testing mode before deploying them.

Data types

2. Document Generation

Say goodbye to tedious manual work as we unveil our new Document Generation feature. This feature allows you to dynamically fill your own document templates with application data. Here's what you can do with Document Generation:

Edit Template
  • Create Standard Document Templates: Map document fields using variables, values or formulas easily on the platform by uploading a fillable PDF file.
  • Generate Documents with Application Data: Once your document template is set up, you can create fully populated documents with your applications' relevant data in a matter of clicks.
  • Automate Document Generation: Integrate document generation into your automation workflows by adding a corresponding action. This eliminates the need for manual work and allows you to send auto-generated documents via email effortlessly to the necessary recipients.
New Template Preview

In addition to that we have also prepared a guide about how to create fillable PDFs. Feel free to check it in our blog. We hope these new features greatly enhance your experience using our platform.

Stay tuned for the updates that are coming next shortly - “Conditional Formatting” feature and new “Table” variable type!

published  June 2, 2023