Standard Digital Lending Portals: Now with Test & Prod Modes

Standard Digital Lending Portals: Now with Test & Prod Modes

We understand the importance of ensuring that every update and improvement to your digital lending portal meets the highest standards before it reaches your borrowers. It's not just about preventing errors - it's about delivering a seamless and reliable user experience. With this in mind, we're happy to introduce the availability of testing and production modes for the standard borrower portal, and additional security with the ability to set a protection password for both modes. Let's explore how these updates will help to manage and maintain your borrower portals.

What's New?

  1. Standard Digital Lending Portal: Testing and Production Modes

Experience an upgraded process with the introduction of testing and production modes for your standard borrower portal, seamlessly integrated with the testing and production modes of the DigiFi lending system. This update allows for a smooth transition from testing to production, guaranteeing a seamless experience for your borrowers. Additionally, the testing portal doesn't require a custom hosting domain. DigiFi will generate one for you, speeding up the development and testing process.

  1. Password Protection

We're enhancing the portal setup process by introducing password protection. You now have the ability to limit external access to your borrower portals if you prefer to restrict access to all users except those with a password. We recommend securing your testing portal with a password, and securing your production portal until you're ready for live users.

  1. Enhancing Custom Portal Authentication 

Now, with our built-in authentication feature, you can easily connect your own testing and production portals. It enables a smoother and more convenient experience, allowing you to use our authentication feature and manage user accounts independently for both modes.

We hope you'll find these updates beneficial for effectively managing your lending portal. Enhancing our standard digital lending portals is a major focus for DigiFi in 2024, and we have a number of exciting releases planned. Stay tuned for updates!

published February 14, 2024