September 2023 - New Feature Review

September 2023 - New Feature Review

We are thrilled to share some exciting updates we have made to the DigiFi platform in the last month.

Flexible Table Limitations

We have listened to your feedback and are happy to announce that we have introduced a more flexible approach to tables with large data sets. Previously, there was a limit of 100 rows and 30 columns for tables. Now, tables can have a total of 3,000 cells, giving you more space to organize and manage your data effectively.

Updated Rejected Application Workflow

In response to your suggestions, we have made an enhancement to the Change Status Action in the Automation Builder. When selecting the final status as "Rejected," you will now have the option to provide Decline Reason(s). This update gives you increased flexibility and control when managing application outcomes.

Improved Assign Values Action

Previously, you could only assign static values or other variable values to application variables. Now, you can also assign the results of formulas, further expanding your options for dynamic data assignment.

ID-Based Searching

To make record retrieval quicker and more efficient, we have added the ability to search by the long ID parameter in various sections of the system. This update is particularly beneficial for customers who reference these IDs in their systems, especially during debugging processes.

Enhanced Table Variable Control

You now have an additional layer of control for table variables. In addition to designating table columns as required or optional, you can also set the entire table variable as required or optional.

We hope these updates will enhance your experience with the DigiFi platform. We are continuously working to bring you the best-in-class features and functionalities to meet your evolving needs.

published  October 2, 2023