New Year - New Platform Updates!

New Year - New Platform Updates!

We're happy to announce the upcoming launch of a major update to the DigiFi platform. The new version of DigiFi's platform incorporates a wide range of customer feature requests as well as significant updates to the current platform to make it more powerful, faster and easier to use.

A few highlights:

  • The updated platform will include a built-in testing mode, giving you the opportunity to make changes and test your ideas before putting them into use.
  • Working with the Decision Engine will now be easier and more powerful with greater rule-building flexibility to cover all your decision logic.
  • We have re-arranged the platform to put all configuration-related sections together. The new version includes the following sections: Lending System (Production), Lending System (Testing), Lending Setup, Borrower Portal Setup, Reporting and General Settings.
  • An all-new Dashboard will allow every team member to monitor their activity and better manage their time.

The new version of the platform will be released shortly and we’ll announce the exact dates soon.

Change Management

DigiFi’s lending system includes testing and production modes, tracks key configuration changes and allows you to instantly deploy changes to production with one click to ensure seamless and auditable change management.

Explore DigiFi Platform

Meanwhile, over the next couple of weeks we’ll be posting you a few more articles to get you acquainted with the platform changes. New functions, updated features, valuable tips, etc. - we’ll walk you through all that and more.

Keep an eye on the DigiFi Blog so you don’t miss a thing!