Reviewing the Features Released in April 2023

Reviewing the Features Released in April 2023

We hope this April 2023 DigiFi update finds you well and enjoying Spring!

In April, we released a major new version of the DigiFi platform which included a brand-new “Testing” mode, an upgraded platform dashboard, major improvements to the decision engine and a lot of other improvements.

These updates received great initial feedback and we appreciate your cooperation during the transition and deployment! If you have any additional feedback you would like to provide on the new version, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

In addition to the major feature releases discussed above, we were excited to release a number of improvements that were directly requested by our customers, including:

 1. Customize Final Status Names - the ability to change Final Statuses names has been added.

 2. Automation Execution Logs - The "Application History" tab now highlights events that have been executed by automation workflows.

 3. Decline Reasons as an Action in Automation Builder - Decline reasons can now be set in the "Status Change" action in Automation Builder, ensuring that rejected applications include the proper data.

 4. "Application Details" View Tabs Improved Usability - A new button was added to view hidden tabs in the "Application Details" view so that Loan Products with many tabs are easier to navigate. Also, we added the ability to quickly access the borrower and intermediary profiles from the "Application Details" view has been implemented.

We hope that these improvements will further enhance your lending process and workflow!

published  May 16, 2023

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